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Who are we?

Hi, we are someown – a platform which connects business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs with their future distributors or franchisers. 

Finding distributors and franchises was never easier!

Distributors and franchises are going to enter the site and create a listing of themselves. They would be able to choose which package is best for them, which will help them get better results and to find the business they would like to distribute or franchise. Also businesses owners are going to create a listing so they can find new distributors or franchises all over the world. It’s that easy!

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Why someown?

Someown was established out of the need to genuinely help businesses and entrepreneurs around the world find their future distributors and franchises. Our vision is to make as many businesses as possible grow, and help them reach the best version of themselves. It is important for us to give the best service to our customers and we will do everything to make you satisfied.

Our founder

Hello, I’m Inon Cohen Raz and I am the inventor of SomeOwn. 


Nowadays, finding distributors or franchises is a very difficult mission, and it requires business owners to have a lot of networking or to join a lot of meetups.

This is where Someown comes to mind- It makes the finding process very easy, 

by allowing you to find your next worldwide distributors or franchises – 

easily, quickly, and with just a few clicks. Join us now!

Inon Cohen Raz
SomeOwn is a platform which connects buisness owners and ambitious entrepreneurs with their future distributors or franchisers. All you need to do, is just sign up and create a new listing of yourself as a distributor, a franchiser or a business owner. start now!
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